Monday, 19 March 2012

Every night's another Saturday night...

Spent the weekend in Pouce/Rolla/Dawson Creek. This is sort of what happened.
Rod's shovel is starting to come together, went on Jenny Craig, shed a ton of poundage
And got its first encounter with a babe.
Crashed tin cars with Gabby for a bit Saturday morning at my Uncles shop
Got to check out the plasma table, now my head is full of great ideas of what could be done on it.
Then went and watched Dirty Little Kitchen & friends. My uncle Bernie doin' his best Dwight Yoakam/Gram Parsons moves. Sorry Rod, your big Pollock head is out of frame.
When Cowboy wants to buy everyone beers all night it's hard to say no. Sam and I ended up both double fisting Buds for a while. Whoever heard that beer don't make you smarter, never heard of Bud-Wiser

Would have been a ten out of ten weekend had I not messed up my knee when I got home last night.

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