Tuesday, 6 March 2012


This is my 68 BSA Lightning 650 when it was originally chopped, this would be around 75/76. From what I know it was chopped obviously between 68 and 74, because the paintjob that we uncovered on the tank says "Custom John CA '74"
And this is how we picked it up. Sometime in the 80's someone decided to paint everything in white house paint, bend the sissy bar for his fat ol' lady, put an ugly seat on it, and just all together stop taking care of it. Then 16 years ago a dude that is in a wheel chair traded his prized Trans Am for this chopper. He had it sitting in his livin' room for years, head and tail light wired as a lamp. He literally said he just got it for "eye candy" Even though it's more of an eyesore in the white house paint with tacky stickers on it. We spent last winter tearing it down, and when my brother moved to Vancouver, he took it with him. In an (un)fortunate series of events it has become mine, because he moved home and couldn't afford/gave up on the project. (his own words)

This bike is dripping in cheesy/amazing detail, and engraving, these are a couple highlights, and give a slight idea of where I will be taking the bike once I get it back up here.
Reminds me of Lightnin' Hopkins. Oh somethin' wrong, somethin' wrong Lightnin'. Well, I know it can't be all them good things that I done.

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