Monday, 30 April 2012

Oh shit, Wheeler turned me onto this 73 Levi's Edition Gremlin. I wanted a Gremlin so bad when I was like 14 I don't even know why, I just thought they were the best. It's for sale in Calgary, if I had the money I would honestly buy it. Denim interior mother fucker! 

Check it out HERE, its cheap and low miles


My amigo Tyson is looking to unload these parts, a luggage rack, Mikuni carb, and air cleaner, I think he ran this all on his 66 shovel. Email me for more info.

(sorry it took so long Tyson, computer problems and scatter brains)
TV sucks lately, been doin' way more chopperin'
Don't know what to do on my main squeeze tonight so I just dug into the parts pile and made another one. 

Some neat BSA choppers from the INTERNET. Fuck


Just cruisin' on my BSA with my the future/past. 
Man, It's gettin' hard out there to find a job. I think the recession caught up with me or something. Everytime I go in for an interview them mother fuckers won't even make eye contact with me, sorry I don't have a shaved head and face man, doesn't mean I'm a fuckin' idiot and can't work. 
Emily is blowin' up down in the hellish heat of Arizona. This is from some "zine" 
I always wanted to make a small bike magazine but there is so many lately it would be pointless.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

 The Vancouver moisture was starting to attacked the oil tank, and I had only wire wheeled it last winter, didn't start sandin' yet man
Took me about 4 Bocephus records to get this far, up to 1500 grit paper, once I get some money comin' in, she'll get a nice polish, then you can check out babes in it without bein' a creep.
Or is that creepy? I don't know man

I wish I could go garage sale-ing like my friend up north, but when Its 95 degrees by 10am Its a little hard to leave your house...This desert is sure getting hot

Friday, 27 April 2012

Garage sales were so totally bogus today I almost stepped on a kid playing with a car cause he kept running into me on purpose. I shoulda stepped on his stupid car. I did find a pretty righteous van for sale for a fair price, and I might have swung a job tearin' apart old wrecks at a shop that does a lot of muscle car restoration. They seem to have a lot of bikes around the shop so maybe I will finally meet people with like interests up here, and get a fuckin' Charger man

Thursday, 26 April 2012

I know most people have seen this but I still love it.
This always reminds me of my brother Boots, he's the biggest Norman Rockwell fan

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fuck you, deygos.

It's called choppers not bolters man. It's not for everyone but you can't just bolt a few parts together and farm out all your fab and engine work and call yourself a bike builder. Take your lift back to Princess Auto, get off the fuckin' message boards and stop talkin' so much. 
If you need me, I'll be in my living room making shit. Fuck off.
Caitlyn is that you!?
Jammer, you sneaky dudes. This chica looks exactly like my friend Caitlyn, but you can't tell from this...
View from my outside window. It's a good thing you can't walk past it, I know if I saw this view I'd be buggin' this dude all the time to hang out, and Lord knows I don't like people tryin' to hang out

Monday, 23 April 2012

My laptop cord cut out on me so no bloggin' til I find one or order one. Might be a while, but Emily is still posting so there will be stuff to look at. Until I get back, or figure out mobile posting, here is some Jane Fonda photos to swoon over. Adios amigos

Sunday, 22 April 2012

 I pulled the engine this afternoon, which was easier than I remember, I must be tougher this time...
 I don't own an engine stand or a welder so I just threw it up on this table.
 They didn't pull the engine when they painted it with housepaint, and there's a couple drips of white paint inside where you don't really see
Looks good to me, but I don't know all that much, I quit for the night so I can do some reading and make sure I do things right. I need new gaskets for sure. and those 4Aces dvds. 
Happy 75th Birthday Jackie Nicholson! 
"Oh no, what you represent to them, is freedom."

Time machine

I stepped out my door the other morning and saw this. Im pretty sure its a time machine bus, that came straight from woodstock.. It was gone when I got back home, so It must have kept on space truckin' on...

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Oh man, the dorky collector side of me just loves these cards, I've posted em before but guess what?
The ENTIRE set is on ebay. Too bad they are $325 and there's no way I can justify paying that for some trading cards. Fuck, how cool is cycletron, that thing is out there man. 

And I got that collage from MotorParade, check that out too, it's pretty righteous.
My friends send me awesome photos, here's some from this week
 Grace saw this belt buckle on craigslist and we tried to get it but the chica didn't reply to her emails
 I can't remember who sent me this it's been on my phone a while. I just realized right now its near beer ha, awesome.
Another from Grace, some bar, some where, really nice neon

Speaking of feeling like a zombie...

If you haven't seen this, do yourself a favor and watch it
 Been helping out at the Haifley Bros shop a lot lately. its ruling so hard! Support your local/independent fabrication dudes!
Today I learned how to use this gnarly sewing machine. Sewed for 5 hours straight and Im feeling like a zombie now. 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Dear Lady that keyed my truck, 
You are a dick. YOU parked too close to me, so why didn't you just key yourself?
People are pretty rude, man. 
 Hit up my first garage sale of the year, got a lucky rabbits foot, real old capo, these pins and 8 rad hats.
The dude has 100s of records, hats, pins, keychains all of that, he said if I come back tomorrow he's gonna let me dump out the pins and look through, I just found these on the top. Fuckin' goldmine man

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Got to talkin' about how excited I am for garage sales and Grace showed me this quilt she got at one, swazi pentagram quilt. That must have been one righteous old farm couple.

Moms and Harleys

Found this gem in my moms old photo album. Sittin' on a 78 fxs. I was most likely conceived later in the day on that bike...
Oh man! Garage sale season officially starts tomorrow at 5pm. Right fuckin' on. 
This is why I look forward to summer. You won't see me out there cause I'm a seasoned vet and usually finish before y'all wake up! Ha! Check ya later man
Rest In Peace Levon Helm.

Pretty much how I'd look at the beach. Fuck shorts. Fuck oceans.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I'm not a dopesmoker but I sure do love bikes with weed paraphernalia all over em. Just looks cool, man. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I made CBCS unprivate, to act like an archive for this blog, can't forget my roots, and what I did over there with Boots. 
I didn't mean to rhyme, or sound like a Garth Brooks song.
I'd sure like to get my hands on some of this Harley denim man. 

Wheeler sent me a couple better quality photos. 
The red one is an XS650, the blue is a Honda 750. 
Red Deer loves Jap bikes.