Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Swap swap swap swap music

 Last minute trip to the Red Deer swap meet. Packed up all my parts and hit the road.

Ol' Guy Terrifico may have lived above this shop. So the legend goes.
 Sam was workin' on some crocheting, tryin' to ignore my bad Willie Nelson impressions
 When we finally got to Red Deer we headed straight to Splatter County to meet up with some good ol' boys. Woods is showing off his new rodeo vest find
 After the swap, which I was too hungover to even bother taking any photos of, we decided another night on the "daybed" wasn't gonna cut it so we found a cheap motel. Obviously we picked this one because it has VCR's. I was regretting not buying First Blood and Wild Wild West on VHS moments before we came here.
 This BSA chopper frame is the only thing I bought at the swap, I was looking for very few items but this was cheap and spoke to me. I love the twisted rear legs, and I think this frame requires far less work than the frame I have already.
Not even unpacked or fed yet, had to throw it into some sort of mock up. This will be on display here at the cabin til I can afford to get to Vancouver and grab my BSA

I met a lot of cool cats this year, so Brian, Sean, I think another Sean, and fuck I am bad with names but all you other cats were real cool and I look forward to conversating with y'all soon.

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