Tuesday, 17 April 2012

 Wheeler sent me a photo of a couple choppers his dad built in the 80s. Some of the stories he passes along to me that his dad told make me wish we had the same kind of ideas and lifestyles they had man. Everyone is a pussy now and will only do things the way they see someone else do it on a blog, man. 

The other two photos are some stuff hes been working on for a local tattoo artists chopper. I forget what the bike is, some jap cycle, Wheeler built the seat from scratch and is starting the leather right away here. The peg mounts, well they are different, the owners request. I think they are painting the bike also.  He also made that stool the pegs on. Fuckin' renaissance man, I tell ya. 

I tried to talk Wheeler into posting here, but he's "too cool" for that.
 He also paints, check his shit out here

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