Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Welcome Emily

 My good friend Emily is probably the coolest person I know, man. She's into bikes for all the right reasons, and wrenches on her own shit too. She packed up her 79 sportster into her 79 Dodge van a few months back and drove herself down to Phoenix, AZ from Olympia, WA to go to the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute.
 Since being there she's decided she really has to turn that machine into a real chopper! Finally, I've been tellin' her this for a couple years I think. She has like 8 jobs man, including school and helping out at Haifley Bros, and working on her chopper. 
Anyways, I'd like to formally welcome her to the 5&Dime team, and look forward to her posts.

Did I mention she doesn't give any fucks, ever? 

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